The most lxury yachts ever

We're going to inform you today about the world's most luxury yachts. Built with the recent technology and extremely luxurious, these lovely ships. Their owners are very rich individuals–royal family members, American company magnates, Russian billionaire entrepreneurs, and world-class politicians. The most costly yachts are constructed according to the owners ' private needs–this may be the presence of a helipad or big swimming pool on the upper deck or exclusive interior decoration equipment. Luxury yacht ownership is synonymous with unrivaled riches, a status symbol and floating extravagance that only the wealthiest in the world can afford. We're going to demonstrate in this article how some of these yachts look like.

Seven Seas

Seven Seas with a gross tonnage of 2750 tons is 282.15 feet long. In 2016, Amico & Co Srl had a few attachments and re-fittings. Seven Seas comes with an outer aluminum superstructure with a steel hull and a 14-meter beam. She is capable of accelerating to 20 knots peak velocity and about 15 knots cruising velocity. For an unforgettable sailing experience, Seven Seas can sleep up to 14 visitors in 7 cabins and carry 23 crew members. Unfortunately, private charters are presently unavailable.


Also, the History Supreme is boasting the most costly luxury yacht in the world. Designed by world-renowned UK luxury designer Stuart Hughes, this precious 100-foot ship took over 3 years to finish and was bought for a whopping $4.5 billion by an anonymous Malaysian entrepreneur! This astonishing amount is due to the strong gold and platinum used to assemble this luxury liner with at least 100,000 kg of these valuable metals. They adorn the entire ship from the base of the ship to the dining region, deck, rails, staircases and anchor, covered in a thin layer of strong gold. One of this wonderful superyacht's most exceptional characteristics is the master bedroom. It features a meteorite rock wall function and a real Tyrannosaurus Rex bones statue found on it.