Read this article for info on luxury yacht rentals

With SamBoat, yacht charter is just a click away! Choose from the most prestigious and luxurious units in the world (Mediterranean, Marseille, Saint Tropez, Antibes, Corsica, Italy, Croatia, Greece, Ibiza). The site offers yachts with skipper or full crew in navigation or dock. So read this article for additional information on this topic.

How much does it cost to rent a yacht ?

The price of a yacht varies between 500 to more than 10 000 € per day depending on the size and type of service. On average, it will take 12 000 € per week for a modest unit. Also, the cost of fuel, fuel and the port are expected in the overall budget. In order to cover these expenses, you will be asked for an Advance Provisioning Allowance which represents approximately 30% of the rental amount.

Can we rent a yacht at the dock?

Yes, it is possible to rent a yacht for an evening, the budget is reduced and the capacity can rise to dozens of people. Prices are sent on request of the customer. It is an original solution for your business events, seminars, inauguration or product launch.

How to choose ?

First of all you have to define your budget according to your program, your destination, and the number of people on board. Knowing that the number of guests on a sailing yacht is limited to 12 people in most cases. Depending on comfort and service expected, you can make rental requests on yachts of your choice. Some units are not displayed on the site and are available only on request. It is advisable to sign a "MYBA" type contract with the lessor to guarantee you optimal protection while respecting market standards.

So, depending on your schedule and your desires, they find you the yacht that will make you spend the best holidays of your life.


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