Discovering the deep seas of Croatia

The Croatian coast is decorated with more than 1000 islands that are the consequence of years of influence from the sea, wind and rocks. You can discover these beautiful islands just by treating yourself with a yacht charter croatia. Enjoy the underwater world of the Adriatic coast of Croatia.


Lastovo is a richness of nature and history under the sea. It is a crystal clear sea and a perfect place for you. It is filled with antiquity until today because; it is a remote and inhabited island. What embellish more Lastovo are the numerous boat smash-ups and riches that never arrived at their final destinations.

The Bobara islet

Are sailing around the vicinity of Dubrovnik and looking for an escapade? Let the sea take you to the most beautiful cave in the Adriatic. If you are audacious, there is an 80 meters deep underwater world to discover on the island’s superficial edge. Enjoy the underwater world and suitable cave for beginners.

The national park of Kornati

Take a look beneath the surface so as to know why this place is such an attractive environment. Dive and appreciate the untouched rock bottom. You can still raise the value of the rock bottom from the surface and still enjoy its beautiful sites since the sea is crystal clear.

Baron Gautsch

Often called the Titanic of the Adriatic, it is absolutely a must for every diver who wishes to have evidence on the site of one of the greatest tragedies in the Adriatic which occurred a few years after the Titanic. It is 80 meters long and was sunken more than a century ago and hides in the pits of the Istrian seabed.

The have discovered a beast that we didn't know before lived on the Croatian Adriatic, and now looks like the beautiful and a small sea angel from a memorial. According to a report, the miraculous little sea angel is a very small swim snail that we knew had not lived in the Croatian Adriatic until this month.

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